You’ll do the simple ones, we’ll do the rest

Our goals is to pick 100% unknown talented kids and turn them into the joy of the continent. We want create contents that will translate to love for Africa, restore childhoods and inspire real time development among children especially.

Audition to Superstar

That talented kid around you can be the next big name and we have the platform to make that happen.

What We Do

We are a digital media company whose aim is to revolutionize entertainment for kids in Africa and across the world. We aim to achieve this by exploring impeccable stories from Africa to reflect our identity and making them into movies for our kids first

Film Production

We are specially in the movie industry to raise stars that will form the new generation of the movie industry we all look out for. A group expected to change the narrative in the movie industry and go ahead to become the future we all dream of.

Talent Management

We want to show a brand new dimension to talent management and development across the continent of Africa. We’ll use our decade of experience to project unseen talents towards an impactful direction.

Intellectual Property

We are out to create something that has never been there at all. Beyond helping kids especially to create and develop their talents, we want to also help ensure that they lawfully have all the covers they deserve in the industry.

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