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    August 26, 2022

    Kidstantic has taken one of the initial  steps in  achieving their goals by opening up their audition entry page. 

    The organization said the move means interested persons can apply even before the announcement of the audition date and venue.

    One of the founders and Project Coordinator of the brand Mr. Chibuike Gabriel said that there is no point in keeping people waiting until a few more items are sorted out. 

    The entry page which is on www.kidstantic.com, the official website of the brand is open for children not more than 18 years. 

    “Starting early is even good for us because we will start learning how best to manage the data we are receiving” 

    “It’s a new pathway and we will keep learning and bettering our system and strategy, but the most important thing is that everything is functional and we have kicked off”,  Chibuike who is popularly known as Mr. Digital said. 

    With close to a decade of experience in various angles of  film making, he said that Kidstantic has an amazing team who has what it takes to run the company into a global brand.

    mr digital chibuike gabriel
    CHIBUIKE GABRIEL aka Mr digital

    He revealed that while the first audition will be in Owerri Imo State, the goal is to keep moving until the brand is known globally. 

    “We’ve already looked at the plan and understand how difficult it could be, but that’s the most exciting part and that’s why we want to do it, because it’s difficult” 

    “We’re creating a platform for kids to live their dreams, we want to make it so simple for them to reach us and work with us” 

    “We are presently working on announcing the audition date. Children are special, so we have to be sure everything is in shape before announcing the audition date and venue”, Mr. Digital said. 

    The audition link is https://kidstantic.com/audition/ and it is compulsory that parents or guardians of the application give their consent via their section of the form.

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