Kidstantic Targets University Students in Nigeria

Kidstantic will now look towards university students in their new awareness strategy, according to the founder. Chinedu Hardy Nwadike who spoke in Owerri Imo State, said that despite having a good number

January 29, 2023

It’s about children and the future – Kidstantic CEO on 2023

The Kidstantic project is about creating the best future for children according to the Founder and CEO, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike. Chinedu who was talking about the direction of Kidstantic in 2023 said

January 13, 2023

Kidstantic Audition Moved to 2023

The first Kidstantic Audition will be taking place in 2023 against the earlier proposed 2022, The revelation was made by the company CEO, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike who said the company is still

December 3, 2022

Not 18+? See How Kidstantic Will Change Your Story, Parents Pay Attention 

Creativity on the  side of children has often been seen as God’s gift that can only manifest in adulthood. Creative children are often forced to suppress that part of them because most

October 10, 2022

Kidstantic Unveils Entry Page Ahead Of First Audition 

Kidstantic has taken one of the initial  steps in  achieving their goals by opening up their audition entry page.  The organization said the move means interested persons can apply even before the

August 26, 2022